Being with a Group

This multi-media blog post explores musical performance through the Zenergy Global Facilitation lens of the three states of a Facilitators ‘being’ – ‘being with self’, ‘being with another’ and ‘being with the group’. by Kāren Hunter.

Are you the RIGHT facilitator for this group?

An interesting new completion and celebration process emerges during a ‘wrap’ session for a hard working festival team after offering their community a massive 3 day transformational experience. By Kāren Hunter.

Transformational Festivals 2015

Summer in Aotearoa / New Zealand is full of fabulous lifestyle festivals. My favourites are the ‘Transformational Festivals’  that offer camping, musical performances, healers and workshops in modalities including: massage, yoga, tai chi, diet, meditation and what I could loosely call ‘philosophy’. By Kāren Hunter.

Audio Testimonials from Prana Festival

Here are links to two fabulous short audio testimonials about our facilitation practise with the core team at Prana Festival to the Zenergy Global page at Soundcloud. By Kāren Hunter.

The ‘new’ beginners guide to community formation workshop

At the Prana Easter festival held in Opoutere, NZ, 2015, I ran an experimental workshop with this rather lengthy title above. My purpose was to offer something to the Prana Whanau (Family) that would generate hope and inspiration for community living. By Akasakada Robison.