Book Review: The Art of Facilitation

“The Art of Facilitation seamlessly translates from community to corporate application, and is a Must Read for anyone who facilitates groups of people. A truly New Zealand perspective on communication that acknowledges the humanity behind our daily interaction, and made me personally review my practices. In an ideal world this would be compulsory reading at secondary schools and endorsed as complement to Sun Tsu’s Art of War in corporate strategy.”

Dale Hunter launches a new website

Dale Hunter now has her own website which includes a blog entitled ‘ Collective Intelligence and Subtle Capacities’. The blog is a way of engaging others, particularly group facilitators, in conversations that can enhance the way we work with groups and organisations. Dale is committed to “whole people co-operating in a sustainable world”.

Master Class 2013 – Auckland, NZ

Zenergy’s November 2013, 4 day Master Class took place in Auckland recently. The group purpose was ‘generating presence amidst disturbance.’ Each person worked on their own ‘leading edge’ with the assistance of the group, to take their facilitation skills to the next level. The course was facilitated by Dr Dale Hunter and assisted by Karena Hunter.

Auckland Council-sponsored Workshop

“Dale is highly skilled at knowing how to intervene, when and where. Many participants commented on the excellent facilitation following the workshop.”